5 steps to rent a property

Documentation required

  • National identity document (DNI) / Foreigners' identity document (NIE) / Passport
  • Bank account in Spain with sufficient funds to cover all costs

If you work for a company

  • Employment contract
  • Last two payslips

If you are a business

  • Declaración Impuesto de Sociedades (Corporation Tax statement)

If you are self-employed

  • Tax return
  • Additional documentation such as invoices

If you are a businessowner

  • Declaración Impuesto de Sociedades (Corporation Tax statement)
  • Deeds of incorporation
  • Document that links it to this

If you are an international client

  • Tax return
  • Additional documentation that will permit verification of your ability to pay
5 steps to rent a property


  • Define the parameters according to your requirements and needs: type of property, budget, number of rooms and location are some of the features that you need to have clear to make the search as effective and successful as possible.
  • You can search for the property on our website or request our personalised assistance.


  • Once you have found your preferred property, we will accompany you on a private visit to view what could potentially be your future home.
  • We will do a follow-up after your viewings with our personalised service and, if necessary, propose new alternatives until you find what you are looking for.

Security deposit

  • When you are sure about the property you want to rent and you have reached an agreement on terms (date of entry, price and deposit, amongst others), you will then have to reserve it by paying a security deposit.
  • The amount will be equal to one month’s rent, which, if the deal is successfully closed, will be deducted from the deposit required by the property owner or the agency fees.
  • It is also possible to make a pre-reservation, whereby the property will be withdrawn from the market and secured for you.
Security deposit

Signing the contract

  • Documentation:

    National identity document (DNI) / Foreigners' identity document (NIE) / Passport.

  • Deposit:

    Depending on whatever is agreed, a specific amount must be paid to the owner serving as a guarantee that, upon termination of the rental contact, the property will be in the same condition as it was received in.

    If this is the case, the full amount will be returned upon termination of the rental contract; however, if there is any damage or defect, the cost will be deducted from this.

  • Contract:

    SANT JUST REAL ESTATE typically works with two kinds of contract:

    1. Short-term contracts of between three and eleven months.
    2. Long-term contracts as set out in the Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos - LAU (Spanish Tenancy Act) at all times.
  • References:

    In order to ascertain whether tenants are able to meet the stipulated costs, SANT JUST REAL ESTATE will normally request references that determine their financial position depending on the type of client.

    For example, employment contract, payslips, tax return, etc.

  • Bank Guarantee:

    Occasionally the owner will request a bank guarantee ensuring that the liabilities of the tenant will be met by the bank in the event of the non-payment of rent.

Signing the contract

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