The administrative process

To be more effective, to speed up the process and to help find you the perfect property, we will ask you to consider three key questions:

What will I need to start the administrative process to purchase a property?

  • Documentation:

    Foreigners' identity document (NIE) (international clients) / National identity document (DNI) (Spanish clients)

  • Financing:

    Before starting your search, it is important that you are clear about your financial situation and whether you need to seek financing or not.

Where do I want to live?

In the centre, in a residential zone, near schools, with good public transport, easy access to roads, etc.

What type of property do I want?

Apartment, house with a garden, semi-detached house, loft with terrace, detached house, etc.

* For the reservation and/or deposit for non-residents, a copy of your passport will suffice

The buying-selling process

Once we find you your dream home, the following sales processes take place:

Negotation and reservation

The reservation is an optional formality in the sales process. The reservation contract indicates the price, and also the maximum date for payment of the deposit.

If both parties do not reach an agreement, the reservation fee will automatically be returned. Between the time of paying the reservation fee and the deposit, all the property documentation is handed over to the purchaser: Land Register report, IBI (Real Estate Tax) and costs.

BuyerNegociación y reserva


The Public Deed of Sale is executed in the presence of a notary selected by the purchaser. This is the moment when you buy the property outright, free of any encumbrances, paying the agreed amount minus any monies already paid as a deposit or reservation fee.


The deposit usually corresponds to 10% of the agreed price. The contract summarises the agreed final price and the date of the Public Deed of Sale signed in the presence of the notary.

Associated costs

Associated costs

10% taxes must be added to the cost of the deed, plus costs for the following:

  • Land Register
  • Deed costs
  • Notary costs
  • Costs for inscription into the Land Register
  • Property Transfer Tax

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